Sanil Chawla

20 years old | Los Angeles, CA
Creator, Entrepreneur, Leader.
CEO @ Slingshot
Founder @ Hack+
Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2019


Hi! I’m Sanil.

I’m a 19-year-old entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. I love leading, coding, and designing, and I work with several nonprofits to spread my passion.

I work as the executive director at Hack+, where we help students start their own nonprofits and businesses. I also work with StudentRND to run events like CodeDay Bay Area that help students fall in love with coding.

When I'm not doing homework or working, I love coding projects like ClubsChat, Felony, and Twentyei.


I work with nonprofits to spread my love for business and coding. I spend my free time creating apps, projects, and films that channel my passions.

I created this advertisement video for DateFinder, an app I built to promote our high school dance. I also filmed and directed 20 Minutes, a story of a sexual assault on a college campus based on the true story of Brock Turner at Stanford.

See more on my LinkedIn and AngelList profiles.